Monday, April 26, 2010

Deck leaks.....

While working on the work bench and the wardrobe on the starboard side of the aft cabin liberal use of marine sealant was discovered along the joins in the headliner.

Almost all of us know that putting sealer below a leak never, ever works. This does not mean that most of us are tempted to try it at some time or other. In any event I removed the sealant and will now try and trace the leak (s). The good part is that it is not the hull to deck joint. The fact that I am dealing with a headliner means that this is not as clear cut as one might think.

The area in question is the starboard side of the cockpit, where there a teak coaming extends inwards to provide a backrest.

With the teak coaming removed it was obvious that the whole area was a water (and mud) trap. The two outboard lockers appear to be watertight (?) on the bottom but I suspect that a crack exits somewhere which allows water to leak onto the headliner and then into the lockers below.

The small indentation on the left hand side of the photo is for a drain which was never fitted, but I believe is necessary.


Ocean Dove said...

Hi Gerry
Is TIH in the water or on the hard????

The Incredible Hull said...

TIH is in the water. The photo of the full cockpit was taken in Cape Canaveral when I bought her.

garrick said...


Are you going to reinstall the Starboard cockpit seat back extension or leave it out?


The Incredible Hull said...

Hi Garrick

Probable not. I tend to do a lot of my cruising in a near horizontal position and this gives me a nice wide space for my lazy butt. I also find that these lockers tend to collect dirt and junk over time. If you check out the Brewer 12.8 I think it was removed also.