Thursday, April 8, 2010

Printing out a Blog......

For most of us, keeping a blog is an exercise in self indulgence. Why would anyone care about our musings and rantings on our pet projects. On a boat renovation project, however, it also serves as a record of the work done. This could be of value when trying to remember exactly how we installed some piece of equipment (believe me, people forget) or it may be of major benefit when selling the boat.

To this end I thought it important to keep a paper record of the blog. I considered it printing it out but then I stumbled on;


This is the result. Nice product, well executed.


Ocean Dove said...

I guess the " PEANUT GALLERY"(I) will have to watch what I say if I am are going to be in "PRINT"


The Incredible Hull said...

Too late, a copy has already been lodged with my lawyer.