Thursday, April 1, 2010

Legacy Equipment........

When I purchased the "Hull" I also inherited some boat bits. One of these is a S-Lectric windlass. its been sitting on the floor of my apartment for over a year, so I decided to take a look at it.

Ooookkkk a rubber belt! That could be fun on a dark night when the wind turns your anchorage into a lee shore.

A Jolly old British motor. Siba was a part of Lucas, I believe.


robert said...

Rubber belt? (how long before the teeth break. That belt looks almost new?)

"part of Lucas"???

Run awaaaayyyy!!!

Wait, or is this april fools?

jc luddite said...

i used to have a pair of British made ice tools, Terodactyls, that had that same lovely green finish as your motor. Amazingly you can still find them today decorating pub walls in Glencoe.Most self destructed, usually at the wrong time. I think this windlass belongs to the same class of British engineering.

The Incredible Hull said...

LOL, April Fool..... I wish.

No its real and the jury is out on its future. I may just use it for the moment and plan the layout for a retrofit of a new windlass later.

Ocean Dove said...

A mechanic friend of my who a specialized in British sport car once told me that
"Lucas did not invent darkness they perfected it"
I had a MGB GT at the time.

The Incredible Hull said...

Yes, my first car had Lucas headlights. Supposedly sealed beams. I seem to remember changing them out every year when they filled with water.